How many hunters are going to be in the Saskatchewan hunting outfitting service camp during each week?

How many weeks is your Saskatchewan whitetail deer hunting season?
We service whitetail hunters for three weeks during the month of November each year.

How many weeks is your Saskatchewan black bear hunting season?
We service hunter for two weeks beginning Memorial Day week at the end of May. Our black bear hunting also includes trophy northern Pike and Walleye fishing.

When is the best week to hunt for guided whitetail deer hunts?
Each week we guide whitetail hunters are equally good but it depends on the weather, moon phases, and peak rut.

When is the best week to hunt for guided bear hunts?
Both weeks are great depending on rain and wind, bears tend to not move as well during wind and rain.

What size deer can I expect to get on the guided white tail deer hunts?
We ask every hunter to not shoot anything under 130 inch Boone & Crockett gross

Do you have a wound policy for deer?
To ensure the best hunt, we do have a wound policy. If during the course of your hunt you draw blood, we will make every attempt to find your deer. If we are unsuccessful and we feel the deer is not going to make it the hunter has the option of paying $1000 and getting back in the stand. If the hunter doesn't manage to harvest a deer, their money will be fully refunded.

How big of deer do you get?
Every year we usually harvest deer over 170 or 180 class deer

How many hunters per guide in your Saskatchewan hunting outfitting service?
We give a personal service of 1-3 hunters per guide depending on the proximity of the stands

What kind of blinds do you have?
Enclosed, heated blinds either ground blinds or elevated tree stands

What about dining?
Home-cooked meals - Sunday evening through Saturday Noon. Breakfast, sack lunch and hot meal for dinner.